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2 Extra Features to Look for in a Salon POS System

Whether you're opening a new salon or you're trying to improve the management of an existing one, a great point of sale system (also known as a POS system) will be your best friend. The main function of any POS system is to take payments from customers, but nowadays many systems come with additional features. Here are two to look out for if you want your salon to run smoothly and make you as much money as possible.

1. An Appointment Scheduling Tool

One of the most important things salon owners need in a POS system is an appointment scheduling feature. Many owners, particularly those new to salon management, tend to use a separate manual or online system to take bookings. While this works, it can be expensive (if you use software to schedule appointments) and time-consuming. If you use multiple methods to take bookings, you can also end up with double-booked time slots, angering customers.

That's why it's best to use a POS system that comes with a built-in appointment scheduling tool. The best systems will sync with an online payment and booking gateway, allowing customers to schedule appointment in-person, over the phone and via your website. When everything's handled by one system, you won't have to worry about scheduling discrepancies — and you'll save money too.

2. A Customer Management Tool

In any city or town, you'll usually find several salons. The trick to getting customers to keep coming back to yours instead of heading to your competitors is building a good relationship with them. Choosing a POS system with a customer management feature is one of the most effortless and effective ways to improve this relationship. 

These systems allow you to store information about your customers, such as their birthdays or specific requirements like hypo-allergenic hair products. They also track the history of your customers' appointments, showing you what colour they usually want their hair died or when they last came in for a trim. This allows you to better prepare for each appointment and shows customers you care about them as individuals.

For example, if you had a customer with a sensitive scalp who comes in for a cut and brown dye every month, the customer management tool in your POS systems would be able to show you that information when they book their appointment. That way, you could ensure you had a gentle dye in the right colour in stock, and you'd be able to use that information to strike up a conversation with the customer and offer some advice to help with their sensitivity.