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Accuracy matters: Selecting the best pipette calibration company

If you've got a laboratory, then one of the major concerns you need to have would be the accuracy of your readings. Having the right measurements would not only help you get better results, but it will also reduce wastage that results from inaccuracy. The calibration on your lab equipment has to be done right, and you need to choose the best service providers for this. Pipettes are used in transferring small amounts of liquids so accuracy is crucial. Calibrating them needs to be done by a qualified and reputable company because even the smallest of errors can lead to incorrect results.

Use a compliant service provider

Calibration is governed by standards that need to be followed in detail to obtain the best measurements. The first thing you need to ascertain when picking a provider is ensuring that they are sticking to the right calibration standards. All calibration services are governed by a general standard called ISO: 17025. However, the best providers are ISO: 8655 compliant. This is a more accurate standard that is defined specifically for pipettes.

Provision of extra services

Though calibration may be your main concern, you need to ensure you get a provider that offers extra services. Inquire if they've got a warranty to back their services, or if they can assist you in making your laboratory more efficient. Some providers also offer to train the staff because most of the errors encountered arise from the users.

Watch out for fast providers

The best providers take time with your pipettes because an increased speed injures quality. These instruments are used to get readings in millilitres, so the service provider really needs to be careful. Such an activity can go on for up to half an hour. If you get a provider who finishes each instrument in very few minutes, then that may mean they are not doing their best.

Customer service

The company needs to be easily reached and ready to answer any questions that you may have. Customer service is really important because sometimes you may need to know a lot more than just calibration. The best of companies also assist you in creating reports on your instruments to determine their weaknesses.

All in all, the best service providers need to be reputable. Do your research and gather as much information as possible about the calibration of these pipettes. That is the only sure way to get the best service.